Balfour's Friends Foundation

Since 2012: For the Well-Being of Animals

Pet photos with Santa!!

November 30th and December 1st 2019

Pets West Broadmead Village

#220-770 Royal Oak Dr Broadmead Village Saanich BC


COST $10

Sidney Animal Hospital    

Pubbylove Pet Care

Hillside Vet

Rise Health

Flaman Fitness

Lifeline Vet

Prevost Vet

Mt Newton Loan Cupboard

Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Vic West Animal Hospital 

Central Saanich Fire Department Hall 1

Congratulations to all our door prize winners from the November 1st and 2nd comedy night!

The following ticket numbers have won!

Item                                                                                                               Ticket #

1. wine case and wine                                                                                 8547412

2. hair products and necklace                                                                      8547387

3. browns social house and light house cake                                              8547342

4. flaman fitness and yoga book                                                                  8547098

5. plaques and pillow                                                                                   8547742

6. green fee                                                                                                  8547828

7. fishing tackle and hat                                                                               8547726

8. fawcett pillows                                                                                          8547875

9. massage certificate rise health                                                                 8547587

10. village gift certificate, lifestyles certificate and necklace                        8547619

11. dog care accessories                                                                             8547407

12. fawcett pillows                                                                                        8547049

13. cake boss stoneware                                                                             8547282

14. oakleys                                                                                                   8547584

15. namastay plaques                                                                                  8547894

16. hanging chair                                                                                          8547711

17. rotary tool                                                                                               8547890

18. norwex products                                                                                     8547497

19. wine and glasses                                                                                    8547824

20. golf certificate highland pacific                                                                8547536

21. pack, t shirt and gift certificate                                                                8547146

22. BC smoke shop and vaporizer                                                                8547242

What we do:

The Balfour's Friends Foundation aims to assist people in need by receiving and maintaining funds in order to provide supplementary aid to pet owners in need to ensure proper veterinary care can be supplied to their pet.

The Foundation is non-profit and relies on donations to support pet owners. 

How to request financial assistance: 

Pet owners seeking financial assistance must have a veterinarian or veterinary clinic contact the foundation to request funds.  Individual owner requests cannot be considered without veterinary referral.

Pet owners must be able to show financial need at the time veterinary care and medical services are or were required.

We do not provide funding directly to pet owners and cannot accept claims other than from a veterinarian or clinic directly.